Defining a criminal offenses

The best starting point in any discussion concerning criminal law is to first define what constitutes a criminal offense. At first blush, it would appear that defining a criminal offense would be as simple as turning to the criminal code and seeing if the offense is listed there. To this end, the lion’s share of [..]

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Police Misconduct and Brady Material

Recently, the head of a local narcotics investigations unit found himself in hot water pending an investigation (Edit: another officer in the unit is also under investigation). The natural question is, if the allegations against the officer prove true, what happens to the cases he made? Police misconduct is, of course, evidence which may detract from [..]

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The Inconsistency of Bonds

A recent arrest reported in the local paper provides a good example of how bond settings for defendants can work. The facts of the case are relatively straight forward: a local dentist was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute a schedule II controlled substance in proximity to a school. His co-defendant was arrested [..]

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