Domestic Litigation

Domestic disputes can be emotional and messy. As the laws continue to change, it is easy to get caught in an unwanted situation that has spiraled out of control. Having an attorney on your side to protect your interests is the first step in resolving these situations. Domestic situations can get very complicated, affecting not only the parents, but the entire family, employment and quality-of-life. These types of situations can quickly escalate and require in-depth knowledge and expertise of the dynamics involved.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce and Separation can be an extremely difficult process for all parties involved. Having an experienced legal team on your side that can adequately handle your affairs will help protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the proceedings. Each situation is different and has its own set of components that must be addressed. We work as an advocate on your behalf during the negotiations to encourage reasonable solutions at every turn. We handle property settlements, internal agreements, spousal support, visitation, and other elements related to divorce and separation.

Custody & Support

Our firm handles custody and support cases for both married and unmarried parents. Our goal is to make sure the child’s best interests are considered in every instance, while making sure their financial needs are met. Determining custodial jurisdiction can be a complicated process, and we help educate our clients on what this means and the requirements needed for favorable outcomes that will provide a loving and stable environment for the child.

Paternity & Legitimation

In many cases, children are born to unmarried parents who do not have an amicable relationship. This can cause problems when determining the paternity of the father. We work to get these matters resolved to provide rights on behalf of fathers who want to legitimize their paternity. This is an important step in a child’s life and will help establish visitation, custody, support and an equal say in what occurs throughout the child’s life.


Establishing guardianship over someone is a detailed process that takes the expertise of an attorney who can properly assess the situation to determine whether or not the court will deem you as a worthy candidate for guardianship purposes. A guardian holds the responsibilities of a parent or overseer, making sure the individual will have everything they may need.

Becoming a guardian should be decided with careful consideration with the understanding that there could be legal ramifications if their obligations are neglected. We can assist you with the process, compiling your paperwork and presenting all the information necessary for the court to make an informed decision. This is not a process that should be taken lightly – let us help you get effective results!


Becoming an adoptive parent is a huge decision. This process requires the assistance and counsel of a qualified legal representative to explain the ramifications and obligations involved in the adoption process. We have extensive experience in making sure every transaction is handled in the right way under the guidelines and stipulations of the law. Knowing your rights as you enter this emotionally-charged transaction is key.

Let us educate and assist you on the process to ensure you avoid any unforeseen situations. We provide the knowledge you need to navigate the system for a smooth and successful adoption.


There are times when a parent may feel that they do not have adequate visitation time with their children, or there may be domestic issues at work that are preventing timesharing. There are also instances where grandparents feel they are being neglected and do not have sufficient visitation time with their grandchildren. In times like this, we can assist.

Our firm works with the families and courts to provide resolutions that will work in the benefit of the minor child. Visiting with key family members is an important process of development that can enhance their relationships and attitude with others in the future. Call us for a consultation to understand the options for visitation that are available to you.

Domestic Violence

There are a number of scenarios that fall under this category. A situation may escalate to domestic violence due to pending divorce proceedings, incidents of abuse that have occurred within the home or other volatile situations that include physical, sexual, emotional, economic and psychological abuse, threats, cyberstalking and stalking. Victims include spouses, family members, children, cohabitants and dating or sexual partners.

The ramifications of domestic litigation are huge. We work hard for our clients in defending their rights. Many times these situations can be resolved out of court and through mediation. In the event the situation is volatile, resulting in litigation, we create thorough strategies that get results. Preparing for domestic litigation is detailed and in-depth. There are many laws in place that change disputes from simple disagreements into full-scale legal battles. Our goal is to make sure you are properly advised and protected every step of the way.

Protecting your family should always be a priority. Our job is to make sure you are safe and achieving legal outcome that will work in your favor. Get the help you need today! Contact our law office for a consultation on the resources and recommendations we have that can assist in getting the situation resolved and letting your family move on.